(ICT) Division

Introduction :

The way in which information is generated, transmitted and processed has changed rapidly in the last decades. Networked computing systems, the Internet and multimedia technologies are continuously changing the way in which transactions are processed in all spheres of human life.

The ICT division at Bin AL-Mutahar Oil & Gas Services has been watching these changes with the understanding that without jumping on to the bandwagon, we would be left behind, unable to compete in this new era.

The Vision of (Konzept IT & Business Solutions) started in 2004, as an Information and Communication technology section under the umbrella of Bin Al-Mutahar group to expand the business and partnership, and provide an enhanced future service.

It was launched in the memorial of the late Mr.Murad AL-Mutahar as a private limited company fully registered to commence its professional long term carrier and wide future looking into a goal to extend and branch out oversea, in which it extended its business since the 1980s, under the group of Bin Al-Mutahar Oil and Gas Services Company.


  • Maintaining extraordinary presence in the Yemeni market, in 2004 BAM has decided to enter to the ICT industry to contribute to the development of this sector in the Republic of Yemen.
  • By that and with the coordination of BAM, an E-Libraries network project financed by the World Bank and announced by the Ministry of Higher Education for Sana’a, Aden, & Ibb universities was awarded to Arabian Advance Systems for the consultation phase.
  • BAM has contributed in efforts for submitting a Pilot Report concerning National Identification Cards conducted by the sound IT Samsung conglomerate:  with Samsung SDS. Local follow ups with authorities like Ministry of Planning, Civil .., Ministry of Interiors
  • ICT division with  the experience and network in the oil sector was able to be the exclusive agent for Paradigm, IT software company…..www.Konzeptitltd.com